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"How it all started!"

"Creating video game voiceover clips came natural to me! I never actually needed any kind of help because I was a natural gamer and was very competitive! I was randomly sitting down one day when I decided to start messing around with Xbox's Upload Studio and next thing you know the magic started to happen and I was blown away by what I was able to achieve! Never would I have thought that I would ever be doing these videos let alone that anyone else would be watching them and enjoying them right along with my crazy ass! Well it's been a heck of an experience and now my gaming has taken me into realms I knew not I would ever end up approaching! Now I am in the process of live developing Lhootbox Gaming's very own Metaverse so that we can enter into the WEB3 arena in full force representing all of our patrons that sign up on the main accounts and here at the main online HQ! 

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