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"I had a Dream, I seen the Oasis and wanted to go. Now here I am at the entrance with you all, if only you would come along, follow me now..."

Image by Uriel Soberanes


CEO/Founder of LhootboxGaming @stripthesky

Lhootbox Gaming came from a single video post on Instagram from an obscure gamer in a land far far away:) Now we've come from  that one post just a few years ago and through much trial and error have become our own Brand, style and identity! I built for Gamers and other relatable artists and fans to share content, checkout exclusive content and shop deals throughout's metaverse... The website is still in live dev mode as there are changes coming almost every other day now because I have so much time now to everything. The team is growing but being a Gamer we like everything to be right and exact so I'll be revealing them nearer to the summer while I get more work done and recruit! Thanks for checking out the site feel free to submit any content for a chance for live features on the site! Follow on Instagram @stripthesky

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