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Comi Con Fayetteville, NC 2021

January 25, 2025

"Comic-Con 2021 Fayetteville North Carolina was a hit not only were characters from popular comic books in full costume and present ready to power up but also we had the famous Gwen accompanied by Geralt a cosplay character at the event herself more pictures are on the way make sure you check Instagram at @stripthesky! We had so much fun we hope everybody that didn't get a chance to go enjoy the photos and videos we love you guys more content is on the way we ask that you submit to our emails and our DMS all over social media we are here to support you and your game content for Merch information please contact us as well if you do not have a merch shop for your stream or just to support your hustle contact us now!"


"What game character should I Cosplay?"

Cosplay Time

"Follow as I get ready to stay in shape and transform into a surprise protagonist for the Base! Watch for my symbol in the sky!"