“Growth and Networking in Esports!”

”Networking is key to growth in any industry especially any form of esports entertainment! I started out making Gameplay edits on my LG Stylo5 and built a community along the way. It didn’t feel I was creating anything major but consistency turned into a platform and now I offer all of the things I did for myself and more: Video Editing, Web Design, Digital Illustrations, voiceovers, Social Media Marketing, Adspace on Lhootbox.com and the ability to create and receive custom Merchandise Branded in your colors, designs and Logos all of which increases Presence, restores Presentation, generate base Interaction, and offer Merchandise to your followers or niche market. I’m in the process of looking for very active content creators and web designers to take on parts of Lhootbox.com. Make sure to checkout the main Instagram account @stripthesky LINKS IN BIO!“ #gamer #xbox #playstation #esports #growth #socialmediamarketing #stripthesky #metaverse #nfts

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