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Image by Rohit Choudhari


"I literally started by editing videos on my xbox. I couldn't believe it but I eventually developed actual video editing nuances that were associated with the field of videography. I didn't know I was becoming good at it until people started viewing it and laughing with me and enjoying it as action clips. I then started to release them on Instagram and other social media outlets as well as how I interact with the youth and children. This then became a passion and being as though I was getting older, I figured I might as well find a way to make my lifestyle be all about gaming. With that being said I have to eat I have to have shelter I have to survive so how am I going to have the right amount of time to create their content that I know my base actually loves as opposed to things like project red giving Gamers spending millions of dollars unprepared and unfinished material. I'm not making games but I'm making content from games that people enjoy, one of which was cyberpunk 2077! I'm now the creator of a website Hub and merchandise Outlet for video Gamers and anime fans to contact me and everybody else that's joining this hot gaming independent thriving supportive community. My aim is to provide you with the best video editing services and for you to get your merchandise out there so you can have more fun and a greater foothold in the industry that we all love!"

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